Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Daily game bargain: World of goo!

This beautiful game is 50% off on steam today! Only 4,50€. The offer ends in 10 hours, which is  7pm gmt and 11am pst. You can check it out here.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Minecraft patch 1.6 out today!

The 1.6 patch actually came out today, what a lovely suprise! When I wrote about it just a few days ago we didn't even have an estimated release date, and now it's suddently staring us in the face. You can read the post here if you want to know more about the patch, but I also took the liberty of copying the patch notes for you to look at. If you want to see all the bug fixes you can find them here. There is ALOT of them!

New features:

+ Added Nether support to multiplayer
+ The client will ask minecraft.net if the current login is valid. If the server says “no”, a warning message appears in the client. You can still play the game even if this happens.
+ Added craftable maps

+ Added tall grass in some biomes
+ Mushrooms now spreads (very) slowly
+ Added server property view-distance. Sets the radius of terrain updates (in chunks) to send to the players. Range 3-15, default 10.
+ Added dead shrubs in deserts
+ Added allow-nether (set to true or false) in server.properties
+ Blocks destroyed by other players in multiplayer now shows the breaking block particle effect
+ Doors make sound for other players in multiplayer
+ The record player now supports more than 15 different songs (you can’t get the records yet, though)

+ Added hatches

+ Activated dispensers make sounds and trigger particles in multiplayer
+ Players stuck in walls will slide towards the nearest gap if there is one


* Disabled Advanced OpenGL until we can fix some bugs with it
* It’s no longer possible to build solid blocks on the top layer of the maps (sorry!)
* Made booster tracks speedier
* Severely nerfed fire so it spread slower, and doesn’t spread infinitely
* Seeds are now found in tall grass, using a hoe on the ground no longer works
* Compressed network traffic more agressively
* Blocks that don’t change appearance when the data changes don’t send block updates when their data changes now
* Arrows shot by players can now be picked up by all players
* Nothing riding anything or being ridden by anything can enter portals

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weekend game bargain: Shogun 2

Steam has a 33% offer on Total war: Shogun 2 starting today and ending monday at 10am PST (6pm GMT). It costs only 33,49€ and you can find it here.

Ubisoft game bargain week: thursday

It is "ubisoft week" on steam this week and that means lots of cool bargains. Every day there is a new deal that only lasts 24 hours so you have to be quick on your toes is you are interrested. Remember that steam uses pacific time zone, so the deal of f.eks wednesday will not be from midnight to midnight in other places in the world. I will convert the time to GMT also which is used in western europe.

Today on steam you get 75% off all far cry games. That means 2,50€ for far cry(1), 7,50€ for far cry 2 and for both games together only 9,99€.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Midweek game bargain: Dungeons

Steam has a 50% offer on Dungeons this week. Usually it costs 44,99€, but today it's only 22,49€. The offer ends thursday at 4pm pst (thursday 0.00am gmt).

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Minecraft patch 1.6

This will be the largest patch yet, and all you miners have alot to look forward to. Because this will include the thing everyone have been waiting for, a functional nether portal on multiplayer servers! Yes, we will be able to go to minecratf hell together. And there are more fun coming our way with this patch, it will also include:

  • more achievements
  • functional pistons
  • maps and mapping tools 
  • more underwater content 
  • online sync for statistics and achievements 
  • and of course bug fixes

The release date is as of now set to "not soon" so there will probably be more content announced. "Not soon" sounds like a long time, but I think we can be optimistic about it and say that the only reason he has set that "date" is because he is playing it safe and dont want to dissapoint us, but I'm betting it will be out at the start of july at the latest! If I'm wrong I will give away a minecraft key! Remember that this is a very small company so a giveaway will probably be happening heh.  I am an achievement whore so I'm hoping for lots and lots of achieves, also underwater content sounds interresting altough we have no idea what it will be yet, I'm guessing more animals and maybe some plants. That might not sound so interresting but it would mean that we will be able to make more stuff. Lets hope he makes is easier to find cocoa beans aswell! 

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